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About Donna Zawada with

Butte Crystals & Spiritual Wellness, LLC

Donna helps spiritual-minded women by making it easier for each and every one to come into her true self so she creates a more abundant and free life.


She is very passionate about helping women acknowledge, unleash, and learn how to effectively use their natural spiritual abilities that flow through the transition of awakening and make a true difference in their lives and those around them.


Through programs, coaching, and private sessions, clients achieve

REMARKABLE RESULTS.  She provides a different perspective on using spiritual modalities to assist in moving her clients forward in their goals and dreams.


Known for her abilities to channel her angels, work in the Akashic Records, and to see into past lives, she teaches her clients how to recognize and use their own natural spiritual abilities.  She also provides her clients with information and messages from the higher realms, assists them in overcoming and removing what no longer serves them, and releases the hold of the past to make a real and better difference in their lives now.


Donna Zawada is a Certified Akashic Record Practitioner, Certified Channel, Certified Angel Guide, and Reiki Master.  She is clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudient, clairsalience, a channel, and an empath.  Donna is known as a “lightworker”.  Her life purpose is to carry the light and teach others how to come into their own so they may also spread the light and make a difference in the world for the higher good..


DISCLAIMER FROM DONNA:  "I am not a doctor or medical professional.  I am not giving any medical advice or diagnosis.  If you are experiencing any health problems, I would suggest you seek care from your trusted advisors.  The information that comes from my channeled readings come from the spiritual realm.  Take what resonates with you and leave the rest.  You have free will and your actions can change your course from what you received in your readings.  The class content I offer you is based on my experiences and knowledge of spiritual awakening.  By reading on, you accept and understand this."

Let Me Be Transparent With You...

I created content for you because I don’t want you to have to go through what I did.  The feeling of being alone and scared of what I was experiencing was devastating.  I want it to be easier for you.  I know what it is to wonder if you’re going nuts and not have anyone to talk to about it.  If you relate to just one thing that I say here, then we have connected.


As far back as I can remember, starting when I was about 7 or 8, I was always afraid of being alone in my childhood home.  I felt like there was someone watching me and that energy made me nervous.  I would hide under the bed covers and dare not look under the bed or in the closet.  I didn’t want to see what was making me fearful.  Let me tell you, it was real and terrifying for a little girl.  Oh, I tried telling my family but… “it was just my imagination”.  After a tragedy occured in the house, I started seeing a shadow man every night.  He would stand at my bedroom door and just stare at me.  I didn’t want to turn my bedroom light off or go to sleep anymore. 


A few years later, I was finally able to move out and thought my ordeal would end.  It didn’t.  In fact, it grew. Not only did I feel energy and see things, now my intuition is on overdrive and I am hearing things.  That’s not all that changed.  I was drawn to nature and that’s where I wanted to spend my time, by myself.  I wasn’t afraid there and it felt like that’s where I belonged.


I would have given anything to not have felt so isolated. To have received the support of one person who knows what I was dealing with and the struggles I faced would’ve made a huge difference in my life.  Oh, it did get better in time, once I started experiencing the alluring side of my awakening.  One evening, an angel whispered in my ear with a message from a loved one and that was when I knew that I had to learn more and embrace my spiritual abilities.  My life started changing for the better and I didn’t hide or keep silent about my spiritual abilities any longer. Yes, some people still think I am weird, crazy, or I have distance from God, but it’s only because they don’t yet understand “awakening”.  On the contrary, we who awaken have a very special and strong connection to the Creator.  


I realized that I had to go through this transformation to be of service for you!  With me, you are in a safe place to speak your truth and obtain wisdom.

What I am sharing with you now is the very beginning of my journey.

Once I realized that the things happening to me were actually due to having spiritual abilities, I wanted to learn more and as quickly as I was allowed.  (You see, spirit only gives you what you can handle and only when you are ready for it.  When you team up with spirit and the Divine, you will grow into the most beautiful soul and shine your light!  I learned to trust them and they have never let me down.)


After I accepted my spiritual abilities, it was a fairly short time to get where I am now. I communicate with spirit everyday and seek their guidance and wisdom.  I have taken the path where my spirit guide, Yon, has led me.  He first guided me to learn Reiki.  When I experienced being able to send energy across the world to a client, I was completely hooked!  Channeling came in next and with that, I implemented spiritual tools such as Oracle cards, dowsing rods, and pendulums.  Yon then thought it was time that I met and spoke with angels, so of course, I went for it!  Oh wow!  I was completely blown away by what is possible!  


Yon and my angels allowed me the time to be confident in my channeling and then they sprung the big one on me!  “You will learn how to work in the Akashic Records.  It will be there, where you will discover your life purpose. Once you know this, nothing will stop you from evolving into the lightworker you truly are.”


Since learning my life purpose, I’m still spiritually growing and learning every day.  You see, awakening is for the rest of your life and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Unleashing the power of my awakening is the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me and I’m sure that you’ll agree when you discover your potential too.  I just wish that I would have accepted my God given gifts sooner!

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