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Donna Zawada's

Akashic Record readings are truly wonderful!

Everything about her reading is authentic, without a doubt.  The soul knows its truth, and as she taps into your records and delivers the resonating words, your soul feels at home.

Janet B.

Image by Weston MacKinnon

Just had a reading with Donna...WOW!

She has wonderful energy and insight!  Thank you sooo much, Donna!!  I look forward to working with you again.

Annie M.


"I highly recommend working with Donna!" 


"She is a great medium and channel! Donna allows her spirit guide & angels to speak directly to you while she provides visual proof at the same time.  A truly amazing experience. She is the real deal!"

Katrina S.

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I just want to give a little shout out here...

I had an Akashic Records session with Donna Zawada and she did an awesome job!!!  I was very happy with the session!

Marlene M.


I was blown out of the water!  I love you & your spirit guide, Yon!

I wish I would've recorded my session because Yon answered every question I had been asking myself.  He motivated me to speak my truth.  I have and its been so amazing!!!  My meeting with you was life transforming!

Suni C.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

"You addressed things that nobody knew about!"

"I would love to see you again for more readings and an Akashic Records session!"

Clarissa M.

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